Electronograph – January 21st 9pm (now with extra bass!)

Just got word that we will have low-end sound reinforcements!! THAT MEANS BASS!!!!!

Come on out! This one is going to be crazy!!


Weaving together just the right amounts of techno, electro, house, breaks and idm:

complextro, glitcheralities, heavyweights

deepness, funkitech, bubbles

blissfulness, melodics, maximin
No Cover!

Every 3rd Saturday!
Always fun!
Excellent Beer List!

FB eventpage: http://www.facebook.com/events/131685273615391/

Body_Mind Re-ignite, Earth Jam?!

Looking for live IDM acts and DJs and any other artist-types looking to collaborate on dance-boutique-electronic events to continue the Body_Mind Series in Philadelphia. Send me demos, videos, dance-moves, jpgs, anything!

In terms of music, I am looking for anything but would like
-Drum & Bass
-Future Garage

From artsy to party, I want it all!

Contact here, or on Facebook “Seanicus” if you want to participate.

Past guests include:
Tleilaxu (live)
City Rain (live)
William Fields (live)
Stout Cortez (live)
Kumabear (live)
Time Ghost (live)
Captain Ridiculous
Bubby Folds
Bitclipr (live)

Also: Earth Jam 2011??

Body+Mind, Seanicus, Hoofs update – 9/13/2010

1st: BODY+MIND events are taking a hiatus. I had a good little run at the Tritone, but it was time for a break, change of venue and change of night. I started school again and need to make sure that’s my priority. That said, I’m always on the look out for continuing, collaborating on an event, etc. As of now I’m thinking that when I do bring B+M back I will keep the music format (live acts + DJs) but expand to include more artists, such as dance, video, graphic design, etc. Have an idea? Let me know!

2nd: Seanicus music – I’ve been working on a few different things recently; new original tracks, trying to gather and finish tracks for a new Seanicus self-release, DJ mixes (idm/experimental and dubby/disco/deep house/tech house), and adding tracks to the next Hoofs freestyle album “Kuna Versi”, which is about 3-5 songs away from being finished!

I do have some new Seanicus tracks up on my Soundcloud! Stunna Shades is actually one of my all-time favorites. DH Finky is also some pretty sweet swingy, housey action. So go check that one out and stay tuned for more Seanicus tracks, albums, mixes, and the Hoofs album. Oh yea! There’s always 4P!!!

That should do it for now! More coming, always.