Just got word that we will have low-end sound reinforcements!! THAT MEANS BASS!!!!!

Come on out! This one is going to be crazy!!


Weaving together just the right amounts of techno, electro, house, breaks and idm:

complextro, glitcheralities, heavyweights

deepness, funkitech, bubbles

blissfulness, melodics, maximin
No Cover!

Every 3rd Saturday!
Always fun!
Excellent Beer List!

FB eventpage: http://www.facebook.com/events/131685273615391/

One thought on “Electronograph – January 21st 9pm (now with extra bass!)

  1. Looks like we are putting the Electronograph events on hiatus. There are too many good DJ shows in Philadelphia right now. It will be good to spend some more time going to shows rather than running thangs!

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