Come out to the beautiful countryside for a once in a lifetime camp-out/music mini-festival!

Projectfest! Cool2BNice 2010: Hangout, Jamout Campout!
Saturday, June 26, 2010 at 2:00pm-2am

Ed’s Last Resort/Woodworking (SG/Ridgeway, WI)
6154 Brotherhood Lane
Ridgeway, WI 53582-9555

There will be:
Games (bocce ball aka boule, tennis, croquet, frisbee, Aerobie(?!!!), etc)

Performing and DJing:

Greenwood Bands (members of Fire Falls, Sabertooth Man, Bird Ladder, Rainboats)
Tyler Ensrude
DJ Wonton
DJ Paulie
DJ Asa

Anyone else want to get involved!? Get in touch!
What to bring:
Camping stuff
Liquor/Beer (+cooler and ice)
FOOD! This is gonna be a long/day night with a big group. Bring eats! We will have a grill set up, but you probably have to cook it yourself.
Tennis shoes are mandatory if you want to play tennis.
Swim suit is recommended (but not mandatory) if you want to use the hot tub.

What NOT to bring:
Animals — please don’t bring pets.

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