Seanicus OddCast Guest Mix

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Oddcake OddCast 026: Seanicus by Oddcake on Mixcloud

Seanicus Spring DJ demo 2014 – Biotic Potential

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Biotic Potential - Seanicus DJ Demo Spring 2014 by Seanicus on Mixcloud

My SoundCloud! (originals, remixes, dj)

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Hoofs – my slop-rock-electro alias

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Mount Kimbie – You Took Your Time (feat. King Krule)

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A lovely and creative track here! 

Unicorn Kid – new found

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this stuff is right up my alley. every song I listen to that’s posted on youtube is kickin’!

This is pretty beachy, but still cool:

Deepak Chopra quote

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“Happiness is divine discontent. It’s the creative impulse. Because if you were totally happy, blissed out, then there would be nothing to do, you would be doomed to eternal senility. So, as long as you have a little discontent and the creative impulse, then you’re happy.” – Deepak Chopra 

This is why I practice science, because I am not entirely happy with my understanding of things, or with the way things are, so I want to use my creativity to help myself understand the world and help others.  Same with music, art, etc.  Creativity should be applied in ways that we can interpret such as sight, sound, taste, movement.


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